Would you like to volunteer?

Do you have an old underused house?

Own a company?

Are you a nonprofit organisation?

Find out how we can collaborate

donate time: be a volunteer

We are looking for people that share our vision of the world and have some spear time to give

Contact us for more information, volunteers are a precious resource for us and we want value them. Thanks in advance!

do you have an underused house or land?

Abandoned houses and land can be a great resource, let's not waste them it!

Contact us to receive information on how to donate a property, we will be glad to discuss all the details with you. See how your contribution will be able to sparkle change, together we can do wonderful things!

suggest a project

Do you have a great idea but you don't know how to make it happen? let's start by sharing it

Tell us all the information related to your idea, it doesn't matter if it is still a thought or if it seems too difficult, together we will find a way to make it real

are you a non profit organisation?

Let's join forces

We are always looking for other NPOs to start new collaborations and to share thoughts and dreams. If you're interested in a partnership write us your ideas and your values, we'll be back to you soon. In the meanwhile we will add you to our solidarity network

become our partner

Being a responsible company, supporting charitable activities and promoting environment protection practices will benefit your business too

Engage your company promoting causes and projects with an high social value. Call us and we will find the best way to partner up; we'll strengthen your business and our initiatives at the same time.
«I am aware, completely aware, to be part of the system and I try to take the best of it using the freedom I have in order to give my contribution to better the ongoing situation.»
Herbert Marcuse