the team


Senior designer, the experience in the team


Architectural graduate and head of the projects


Architect, graphic and fundraiser


Civil engineer and developer


Anthropologist, counselor and public relations manager


Every time we heard about a natural catastrophe or of some social injustice we felt powerless and angry.
In this world if you're not part of the solution, you are part of the problem and we need to choose on which side we want to be. So we did, we decided to try starting from lives. We started from the way we consumed, without looking the other way and being aware of the suffering of others.
And this is when we found out how difficult it is to be coherent with oneself, especially when the everyday routine occupied most of our time.
We wanted to dedicate 100% of ourself to the bettering of the human condition. And not just in our spear time, we wanted this to be our job!

On August 20th 2019 HELP was born. HELP is the acronym of Human Evolution for Landscape Protection and we are a ONLUS that operates for the protection of the environment, charity and education.
HELP synthesise what, in our view, can be the winning formula to tackle important environmental and social problems.
Humans can Evolve in every aspects of their life so that their actions can be Protective of the Landscape, both natural and architectural.

how it works



local actors

The birth of a project starts with identifying local actors with whom we co-plan the interventions to be carried out. They will be entrusted with the final management of the project. Mutual knowledge is the first indispensable building block of a fruitful collaboration.

master plan

participatory planning

Once the interested stakeholders have been identified, we develop a preliminary draft. In this phase we will define the macro-objectives of the intervention, the beneficiaries and a rough estimate of the budget to be raised.



Once the project and the related budget have been defined, we are able to activate our fundraising campaigns as well as participate in contests and competitions.


executive project

Once the budget is reached, the executive planning begins. In this phase, the details of each design aspect will be defined, the necessary professional skills will be employed and all the collaborations defined in the preliminary design phase will be activated.

recovered goods


Everything will be done maximizing the recycle and reuse of materials and to minimize the environmental impacts of each executive aspect, both during the work site and the life of the buidilng once reactivated.


assignment of renovated good

The renovated goods will be assigned to the beneficiaries identified in the preliminary phase (#1). The first to benefit from our actions will be the most in need.

where we are

registered office

via roma 46 Chiusa di San Michele (TO)

operational headquarters via San Vito 5 Tufillo (CH)

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