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bioarchitecture. energy efficiency, water management, upcycle

We want to decrease the footprint of existing houses. We won't be able to act on the orientation of the house, so we need to be find a creative and innovative way to maximize the positive aspects of a building while minimizing the faults of it. We will implement natural ventilation and/or natural heating through the bioclimatic greenhouses. Furthermore, whenever possible, we will collect rain and grey waters to reduce the waste of drinkable water. One of our priority is to reduce the quantity of energy needed for a household, to do so we aim at reducing the waste related to obsolete plants and leaks as well as installing low consume devices. This energy demand will be covered by clean energy systems. Whenever possible we will reuse all the materials, both related to the construction site as well as the furniture. We believe houses must be a facilitators of ecological practices.

Agriculture and Fortests

permaculture, agro-ecology, bio-intensive, synergistic vegetable gardens, freedom and rights on seeds

The first thing we evaluate to do on a donated land is the possibility to reforest it. If that is not a good option we opt for natural agriculture.
The kind of agriculture we want to incentive is one free of fossil fuels: we do not allow the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other forms of distruction of the micro-fauna living in the soil. We believe that if we all practiced the agro-ecology we could feed, without polluting, all the population of a territory. Natural agricolture it's good for our health and safeguards the animals that live in our same ecosystem.


integration, satisfaction of essential needs, social housing, training, charity

Environmental and social problems are two sides of the same coin. Unjust and excessive use of natural resources not only destroys natural ecosystems but generates inequalities, discontent, therefore political instability and misery, in one word, unhappiness.
We cannot deal only with planting trees and renovating houses, there is an increasingly large portion of the population suffering, it is time to give them back at least what is basic for a dignified life.
«Humans are the ministers of Nature, we cannot command Nature without obeying to it»
Francesco Bacone